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Woodland School District

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Our mission is to make available and provide, regardless of size or resources, all cities, towns, states, and countries with high-quality sophisticated affordable technologies to monitor and control the world’s water and wastewater to make the world a cleaner and safer place.

Woodland, Washington - the City of Woodland, Washington located 20 miles north of Vancouver, Washington, is the southern gateway to Mt. St. Helens. The city is located in both Cowlitz and Clark Counties. This growing community, with a population of 6,035, is located at the junction of Interstate 5 and State Highway 503. The greater Woodland area has a population of over 10,000 persons.

The Yale Elementary School is located at 11842 Lewis River Road Ariel, WA 98603. This school is part of the Woodland Public School System which serves about 2250 students in 5 traditional public schools. Yale is located remotely water is provided by a local underground well.

The water for the school is harvested from an underground well where it is brought into a local holding tank within the school. Three years ago, the department of health required the school to take bacteria samples and also to chlorinate their water system. The department of health permit requires the school to take chlorine samples every day to ensure the correct amount of chlorine is being applied to the water and it is not being over chlorinated. Scott Landrigan the Director of Facilities and Safety at Woodland was tasked with finding a way to monitor the chlorine levels in the school water system. He connected with Ken Navidi of Bainbridge Associates of Camas, Washington. Bainbridge Associates is the manufacturer’s representative for Electro-Chemical Devices out of Anaheim, California. ECD specializes in the manufacture of liquid analytical process instrumentation.

Together they came up with a perfect chlorine monitoring solution utilizing the ECD T80 chlorine sensing technology. With this device they were able to accurately monitor the chlorine levels every day. This not only satisfied the health department but, it also guaranteed safe water for anyone using the water in the school.

A New Problem

Recently, the school has added a new library. This meant that the water supply that feeds the school would now be open to the public on weekends and during the summer school vacation. During normal school operation there would always be someone there to physically monitor the chlorine analyzer and take any appropriate action. By law, the school had to make sure they monitored chlorine levels any time a person was in the facility and had access to the water. They now required a way to monitor the chlorine with no personnel at the location.

The Solution

Bainbridge Associates is also a manufacturer’s representative for AccuDose, LLC out of Tampa, FL. AccuDose manufactures and sells high-end cost-effective cloud-based remote monitoring solutions for the water and wastewater industry. AccuDose supplied the AccuWatch RMC-2000 cloud-based monitoring remote controller. The ECD T80 chlorine analyzer was integrated with the AccuWatch RMC-2000 to give 24/7 real time monitoring of the analyzer. The RMC-2000 was connected to the school WIFI network and configured on the AccuDose server which provides the real time chlorine analyzer data with the ability to send texts and emails if predefined setpoints were met or exceeded.

Shown here, AccuDose AccuWatch RMC-2000 cloud based controller installed at the Yale Elementary school and the cloud-based server user APP.

Shown here, AccuDose AccuWatch RMC-2000 cloud based server for the Yale Elementary school. The server can be accessed from anywhere via the APP.

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