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Seamless Operation

The AccuDose Server Dashboard allows you to configure and check the status of your water and wastewater monitoring system from anywhere in the world on both mobile and desktop devices. It provides an intuitive user experience that makes it simple and straightforward to check the status of your sites in real-time. With our server dashboard you can be sure that your sites are running smoothly and efficiently no matter where you are.

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Providing Accurate and Efficient Water & Wastewater Monitoring Systems Starting at $399.

A Cost Effective SCADA Alternative​

How It Works

After installation, power up the unit and it starts searching for the strongest cellular connection.

1. System Power's Up

Once the AccuDose system is installed and powered up it will automatically connect to the strongest cellular signal provider ensuring reliable coverage. Our sim card and modem support all the major cellular providers, such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint. This provides maximum cellular connection reliability.

2. Connects To Cellular Tower 

After securing the best cellular connection, the cellular network will connect directly to the internet and provide a cloud-based connection to all the AccuDose in-house servers. The data is then securely transmitted to the cloud where customers can access it with their APP or computer on their own configured account.

3. Connects To AccuDose Servers

Our AccuDose servers will send data directly back to the end user in real time so you can always be aware of the status of your system. Our intuitive app is available on all smart devices allowing you to access the data anywhere and anytime.

4. Sends Data Back To End User

Introducing the AccuDose Solution to Water And Wastewater Monitoring 

AccuDose is a water and wastewater monitoring system manufacturer that has revolutionized the industry by providing twice the functionality while reducing hardware and operational costs. Whether your monitoring lift station sites or sensors around the plant our cutting-edge technology makes the complex and costly process of monitoring water and wastewater simpler and more efficient so water and wastewater operators can get the job done right and not spend their whole budget.

New Release For Grinder Stations

RMC-1000 Lite 

$499.99 (Includes Cellular)

  • 4 Digital Inputs for Alarms and Pumps

  • Supercapacitor System Back Up 



  • 7 Digital Inputs for Alarms and Pumps and Control

  • Supercapacitor System Back Up 



  • 4 Analog Inputs for Level, Flow, Current, Etc.

  • 7 Digital Inputs for Alarms and Pumps and Control

  • Supercapacitor System Back Up 



  • 4 Analog Inputs for Level, Flow, Current, Etc.

  • 7 Digital Inputs for Alarms and Pumps and Control

  • Signal Isolator

  • Supercapacitor System Back Up 

RMC-2000CA Chemical Analyzer Monitoring 


  • 4 Analog Inputs for Level, Flow, Current, Etc.

  • 7 Digital Inputs for Alarms and Pumps

  • Chemical Analyzer probe: DO, MLSS, PH, ORP.

  • Supercapacitor System Back Up 

New Release!

RMC-2000 Tank Level and Pump Control System 


  • 4 Analog Inputs for Level, Flow, Current, Etc.

  • 7 Digital inputs for Alarms and Pumps

  • Supercapacitor System Back Up 

AccuDose Monitoring Systems

 Popular Water & Wastewater Monitoring Applications

Our advanced Water & Wastewater remote monitoring system perfect for any industry. We offer unmatched accuracy and detailed data, all with one powerful real time remote monitoring system. If you're not sure our technology could work for you, contact us today and one of our team members will explain how it would work.

Level Monitoring

Level monitoring is an integral part of any water & wastewater monitoring system. The AccuDose Monitoring system can be used with any float alarms, transducers, radar, and ultrasonic technology for accurate and reliable measurements.

Pump Monitoring and Control

Monitor and control pumps remotely, ensuring that they are running efficiently and optimally. It also provides alerts and notifications if any problems arise, allowing for quick and effective action. 

Chemical Analyzer

Monitor any chemical from dissolved oxygen, mixed liquids and suspended solids, Oxidation-Reduction Potential, and PH. We partnered with the leading chemical probe manufacturer "InsiteIG" to ensure the highest quality and accuracy. 

Flow Monitoring

Accurately measure and record water and wastewater flow, providing reliable data for your needs. With the AccuDose monitoring system, you can monitor flow volumes in real-time, giving you visibility into how much water and wastewater is moving through your system. 

Chemical Dosing

The AccuDose water & wastewater monitoring system offers reliable chemical dosing monitoring and control, allowing both automated and manual control. This ensures accurate dosing of the chemicals, enabling safe and efficient operation of your water and wastewater systems.

Modernizing an Antiquated Industry

The Accudose Monitoring Solution brings sophisticated smart home technologies into the outdated municipal and industrial control’s world. The AccuDose Monitoring Systems are the perfect solution for any water and wastewater monitoring needs. This modular design is built with high quality materials making it easy to install and use. It’s sophisticated cloud-based technology makes it a cost effective reliable and accurate solution. Easy installation and operation makes it the most technologically advanced system available.

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