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water and wastewater remote monitoring
AccuWatch RMC-3000 Applications

The RMC-3000 automated dosing system utilizes proprietary technology to achieve optimization of odor control chemical dose rates to levels unattainable by conventional methods. With our system, overdosing and underdosing is a thing of the past. By using only the amount of chemical needed at a given time, odor control chemical budgets will be dramatically reduced.

  • Save chemicals and money.

  • Reduce odor complaints.

  • Minimize slug dosing of WWTP.

  • Effective with Nitrates. Effective with iron salts.

  • Real-time station status updates.

  • Real-time sensor and instrumentation values.

  • Works in almost all remote locations.

  • Management cloud server dashboard with reporting.

AccuWatch RMC-3000 Pump Station Control Application
water and wastewater monitoring solutions
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