The AccuDose monitors the status of the wastewater pumping system and automatically adjusts the odor control chemical feed rate based on one of our proprietary algorithms. The user can choose from several different dosing protocols to optimize their chemical addition program. The AccuDose also monitors the chemical tank levels to provide notifications and assist with chemical inventory management.

AccuDose RMC-1000 Municipal Application

AccuDose AccuWatch Water and Wastewater Monitoring

AccuDose RMC-1000 with IIoT cellular connection

Local cell towers connect to the internet 

System Cloud Based Server Dashboard for monitoring all Sites From One Location

Local access to system with APP and smart device

Hardware and Software Supplied

  • 3 Digital Inputs for the Pumps

  • 1 Digital Input for High float

  • 1 Digital Input Power Fail

  • 3 Digital inputs user defined

  • 1 Analog input Wet well Level

  • 1 Analog input Chemical tank Level

  • 2 Analog inputs user defined

  • 2 Digital outputs

  • Option for Analog output modules

  • RS485 MODBUS Option

  • Proprietary Chemical Dosing algorithms